Little Passports: World Edition

Little passports World

What an exciting way to learn about the world! Learning about the world is an important part of everyone’s education and the best way to learn about it is to travel. However, if that can’t be done another way to experience the world without leaving the house is Little Passports: World Edition.

Children learn by doing things. They learn by listening and talking. Children also learn by seeing and being a part of an experience. Little Passports World Edition covers all this in a neat package that is delivered to your door once a month!

Little Passports is a children’s learning activity that includes receiving packages and souvenirs, playing games on the computer, reading postcards and information about other countries and learning about other countries through the eyes of two other small children – Sam and Sofia.

I think one of the best parts about Little Passports is the fact that a package is received in the mail. Not many things are received by mail these days so receiving an exciting package once a month is an added bonus. It makes the learning activity not only fun but a tangible experience which helps to make learning a lot more meaningful.

The first package was exciting to open; my daughter received her own passport to look after, a small suitcase to store her new-found worldly objects in, stickers (always a winner) and a fantastic world map. We hung up the map straight away and started talking about different countries, which seasons they are currently in and whether or not it was day or night. We were able to talk about where she wanted to go in the world (mostly related to which animals lived where) and where she would like Sam and Sofia to go so that they could send her photos, souvenirs and stickers.

We trialed this little passports World Edition for 3 months and found the monthly arrival of a new package very exciting. We learnt about Japan and Brazil; both amazingly interesting countries that hadn’t really come up in many family discussions. It was great to see that Little Passports: World Edition explores different countries that the children may not have heard about before.

The monthly package was filled with exciting items from the focus country. Probably the most exciting part of the monthly package was the souvenirs in each pack as they made the experience more real. My daughter loved the souvenir as she could touch, see and play with something that was from another country, bringing more meaning to the experience.

The short letter from Sam and Sofia was fun to read and my daughter felt that it was being written for her. A picture of a place was also included which was a great discussion point as we read the letter from the travelling duo.

Activity sheets were also included; these were small word games and writing activities. The activity sheets needed some adult input but were visually appealing and provided great learning opportunities. Another important travel item is the bag tag! The bag tag was a fun addition and we placed it on my daughters backpack each time. The pack also contained an access code for the online computer activities.

Unfortunately we have an android tablet and my daughter isn’t always that great with a mouse so we were disappointed that we could not access the games and activities from any location but rather only the family computer. I did email little passports and they did inform me that they are working on making their games more accessible on different platforms. Hopefully this can be changed in the future.

The computer activities were good; it would be great to have more of them, perhaps some language games (for those countries who speak a language other than English) and even graded games where the parent isn’t always needed.

I found that parent input was needed quite a bit for this especially for the younger child. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it is great to learn with your child BUT having an activity that you have paid for that they could do alone more often would be great too.

Overall I have found that Little Passports: World edition is a lot of fun. It brings awareness to a child in a fun way, I would love to explore the older and younger editions of these games in the future as knowing about the world we live in is very important!

RRP From $11.95 per month


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