Lindt Lindor assorted box

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Most of us are familiar with the infamous Lindor chocolate balls. They come out for special occasions, as a ‘thank you’ or at Christmas time. So what better way to enjoy one, than to enjoy a box of them! I’m the kind of gal who makes her husband order something else on the menu just so I have another option in case I don’t like my original pick, so nothing makes me happier than having options in my chocolate box.

The box contains four flavours: milk, dark, white and hazelnut varieties. The first to be demolished are the white ones, they are my absolute fave and do not disappoint with their irresistibly smooth centres. The hazelnut were a refreshing point of difference, with a subtle hint of nut rather than being too overpowering. The milk chocolate were their usual delectable selves, demonstrating why they have stood the test of time and will continue to impress as the years roll on.

And the dark chocolate ones… Well, for those that know my unassuming palate may guess, the dark chocolate ones are still in the box. Ready to impress for when company comes over and I want to look a little bit grand “Oh do have a Lindor ball Dah-ling”.