Audrey & Me – Bandana Bibs

bandana bibs

I’ve seen bandana bibs out and about in the past, and I’ve always considered them an unnecessary accessory for mums looking to impress. I’d never really considered the practical nature of them before, so to my surprise I’ve really enjoyed having these bibs on hand.

I love that these particular bibs are handmade. It brings a real personal touch to the item and makes me feel like they’ve been made just for me – for some reason I can’t explain, that just feels good. I also don’t need to cart around cheap and tacky looking bibs that connect with velcro and that my baby simply rips off.

The backing is really absorbent terry towelling, so no matter the spill or spit up, to date my baby has stayed dry, and all the while looking great from the front. The pointed bandana shape makes them look less bib-like and more fashionable, which is great, particularly if you’re going to a function that is a bit dressier than normal.


The designs are modern and classy and don’t even need to match what baby is wearing. My favourite one I have used is a beautiful turquoise colour with black and white zebras, and it’s just so awesome to look at. Somehow, regardless of the design, they just work with whatever outfit you’ve chosen.

They are also made of cotton so easily go through the wash with no dramas. For younger babies who don’t really get dirty, these are fantastic. But I’d be interested to see how these fare with an older child who is learning to feed itself. I imagine a toddler-fed spaghetti bolognaise might see the bib looking like a traditional bib instead of remaining a fashion item.

RRP $9.95


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