The Gro Company – Gro Swaddle


I’m a big believer in the power that swaddles have in calming babies and ensuring they sleep well. The problem these days is the sheer number of them available, all claiming to be number 1.

The Gro Swaddle is incredibly cute to look at. Just by looking at it you know your baby is going to be snug and cosy. It comes in just the one size for newborns though so they’ll be growing out of it fairly quickly, but that’s the same as all baby clothing and definitely worth it for a peaceful sleep.

Press-studs secure the armholes so you can have their arms secured or free, depending on preference. I will say that having their arms secured makes for better sleeping, however when breastfeeding it means you can’t get a 100% comfortable position. I found I needed to let her arms loose for feeding then swaddle them again when going back to sleep. Not ideal if you’re trying to dream feed and keep baby asleep.


There is plenty of room in the base of the swaddle so that they can sleep in a natural position and you also unzip the bag from the bottom as well, which makes for easy nappy changes, especially in the dead of night.

When it’s time to wash it was easy to throw straight in the machine – but my favourite thing is that it’s safe for the dryer. There’s nothing worse than needing a sleeping bag of some kind only to have it slowly drying on the line.

My personal preference for clothing is bright and funky colours and designs, which this brand lacks a little in their swaddles. Don’t get me wrong, they are all nice, neutral and very ‘baby’ so they would cater for the masses. Plus the price is affordable.

RRP $44.95


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