Boba – Boba Wrap

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Babywearing was a bit of a revelation for me. I hadn’t noticed anything other than one particular brand before I had children, then when my baby arrived my eyes were opened with the variety available!

I was given a trendy soft structured carrier but that just wasn’t right for us to start with. This Boba wrap I couldn’t recommend more. It is made from a soft and stretchy material that is incredibly comfortable and goes through the wash like a dream. It is specially made for Boba which is 95% cotton and 5% spandex. There are no straps or buckles, so it’s just a matter of tying it up correctly and you’re off.

If you’re a little uncoordinated, the tying up process can get a little tricky and overwhelming, but it’s worth sticking with it until you’re comfortable. I found that along with the instructions that came in the box (which were fairly clear and straightforward), there are many you tube videos out there to assist if you get stuck.

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Depending on where you live, the climate could affect your satisfaction when using this wrap. If it’s 40 degrees every day, you might get a bit toasty. But if it’s cooler weather or for evening use, you’ll be laughing all the way home. It’s lovely and warm and means you don’t really need to wear a bulky jumper or cardigan. Simply wrap over your top layer and you and baby will both stay warm.

Having your baby worn against you like that is a really nice feeling as well, especially while they are so young. If she’s unsettled I can just strap her on for some soothing cuddles, but still have my hands free to get my daily tasks done, or wrangle my toddler. It’s particularly good for me with a reflux baby, the overnight periods can be rough without sleep, but at least I can safely walk around or lie on the sofa knowing she won’t fall off me if I get sleepy and lose concentration at 3am!

Having her on me also means I can do quick shopping trips without the need to unpack the pram, which just saves me time and keeps my stress levels down. And I can rest easy knowing she is secure. I’m quite confident taking the dog for a walk, cooking or even doing some housework all the while having her close and happy, but assured that she isn’t going to fall out.

The wrap comes in a variety of awesome colours and at such a good price, you could easily buy a few in your favourite shades to match any outfit changes. It’s also strong enough to carry from premmie babies right up until 20kg toddlers, and is also suitable for twins! But I think the best thing about this wrap is how ergonomic it is. The way you wrap means that the weight of the baby is evenly distributed across your back, neck and shoulders – I’ve worn my baby for hours at a time and not felt sore or the need to put her down.

RRP $79.95


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