Lindt – Lindor Irresistibly Smooth Mint

Lindt MC LogoX


I absolutely love, love love peppermint flavoured items. My favourite is ice cream, but that is closely followed by chocolate. So you can imagine my excitement upon opening this bag of joy.

At first I was a little concerned, as you could smell the peppermint a mile off! Even the most ardent lover might have been put off, but once you actually taste the chocolate, it’s nowhere near as overwhelming as you’d think. In fact, it is perfect. The smooth texture of the chocolate and that beautiful minty flavour is 100% bang on target.

The other bonus for me is that it is dark chocolate, another favourite of mine. Not only for it’s lower calorie count than milk chocolate, but that rich, bitter flavour.

The bag suggests they are highly meltable, which for me wasn’t a problem as the bag disappeared relatively quickly, however you’d probably want to ensure you keep them in a cool spot given our climate.

“Irresistibly smooth” on the packet, just irresistible – fact.


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