GAIA – Belly Butter


Vanity has never really been a part of who I am, but for some reason through both of my pregnancies, those nasty stretch marks really played on my mind. Despite not even showing my stomach in public, I knew they were there and would likely be for some time to come so I wanted to at least try to do something about them.

I had tried a few creams and oils during pregnancy number 1 that didn’t really do much except make me feel like I was getting grease over my clothes. Pregnancy number 2, and I found Gaia’s Belly Butter. The smell was heavenly, and I felt like I was walking out of a day spa after using it! The citrus scents aren’t overpowering at all and I wanted to use it over my whole body.


The tube itself is not large so I was worried that I’d be spending a fortune in replacement tubes but the coverage was actually quite good so I think long-term use would be ok. It’s also not the type of product I would usually buy so if you’re the same, the cost could be off-putting, but it really is a wonderful cream.


My skin itself feels incredibly moisturised. I’m not known for my regimented skin routine so I don’t use it every day, but I imagine if I did it’d be in a lot better condition. The cocoa butter and shea butter combination also bring a thickness to the cream so you actually feel like you’ve applied it, without that overloaded creamy feeling.

As for the stretch marks, they aren’t gone and I’m not sure they ever will be. But they are definitely not as pronounced as they once were, and that’s good enough for me!


RRP $17.95


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