GAIA Sleeptime Bath


Bubbles, bubbles bubbles! Gaia Sleeptime Bath wash soap is lots of fun, cleansing and less irritating on my children’s skin. Gaia Sleeptime Bath wash is a relaxing start to the winding down part of the day, providing relaxing scents in the soap bubbles. Gaia Sleeptime bath wash is an excellent addition to any household who needs some quiet touch to the bedtime routine. Children enjoy playing with the bubbles while breathing in the relaxing scents.

The relaxing scents of Lavender, ylang ylang and evening primrose oil treat the young skin with care and leave the bathroom smelling fresh and lightly fragranced. These oils are light on the skin and do not leave any oily residue or irritation. The soap contains all natural ingredients, gently washing off the days play in a chemical free environment.

Gaia Sleeptime Bath wash comes in a easy to squeeze pack which is safe from small hands making a mess which looks like fun but isn’t fun to clean!

This relaxing smelling soap comes in a 250ml pack, which lasts for quite a while, as only a small amount is needed to make large amounts of bubbles.

Gaia Sleeptime Bath is a little more expensive than other brands but is safer for everyone, gentler on skin and less harmful to the environment. Gaia Sleeptime Bath is a first choice for our bath time routine as we have had no skin irritation, the bubbles last for just the right amount of time, the relaxing oils of Lavender bring the energy of the day down and the soap is all natural. A great product for all to use!

RRP $11.50


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