Lindt Creation – Decadent chocolate


Over the years I’ve tried to be classier with my choice of the choc. I’m quite partial to the odd Belgium truffle, and love looking at the cabinets full of delicious morsels at a chocolatiers – you know the kind, the places where the staff wear white cotton gloves to handle your treasured purchase. Naturally the bulk (and I do mean BULK) of my consumption comes from the supermarket variety and I was happy to sample outside of my comfort zone.

Lindt’s ‘Creation Decadent Chocolate’ in block form did not disappoint or steer me away from the expectations I have of this brand. The milk chocolate was of course smooth and delicious, and the surprise in the middle only added to the sweet pleasure. Despite not being a dark chocolate lover, the “decadent melting centre of chocolate coulis layered on a bed of dark chocolate truffle” was truly yummy and rich.

I loved that you didn’t need to eat much to get a chocolate fix and the square size was quite generous, so perfect for those who are trying to be good or cutting their consumption – Godspeed! No, leave me, save yourselves!