Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Balls

Lindor Bag 308g_MILK_angle_D_hi12

These are the most well known of the Lindt chocolate balls and have been a favourite in our house for a long time. They often seem to be top of the present request list for birthdays and Christmas. However it has been a long time since I had one so I was keen to try them again.

Lindt is well-known for it’s quality and has become more and more popular here in Australia. Even though I am trying to eat more dark chocolate in a bid to be healthier I still love any chocolate and milk chocolate will always be a firm favourite. While I love all the new flavours and addition of nuts, fruit, etc. you can’t beat plain milk chocolate especially when it is made of a high quality chocolate.

And Lindt certainly delivers with these tasty morsels. When you break through the outer chocolate shell you’ll find the truffle centre is creamy, smooth, rich and decadent and has a great mouth feel that wants you going back for more. They are simply delicious. You won’t be disappointed whether it’s for a special occasion or an every day treat when you just want to escape life for a few glorious moments.

RRP $3.26 for 62g box


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