GAIA Baby Wipes


Gaia Baby wipes are a great eco friendly product made from bamboo. These wipes come in a simple to travel with pack that has an easy to snap lid to stop the wipes drying out. The pack lasts for a good amount of time and there is no need to use an excessive amount to clean up any mess. Each wipe absorbs and cleans hands covered in spaghetti bolognaise, nappies from hell and grubby gardening faces. Gaia Baby wipes have no strong chemical or scents so leave little irritation over the skin for baby or parent!

They contain many more natural ingredients and less man-made chemicals than other wipes so are an excellent alternative to use on skin prone to eczema, dryness or irritation. They are filled with aloe vera and leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and moisturized.

The bamboo wipes are strong enough to wipe up the messiest nappy and are big enough to save the wipers hands from mess! These wipes are more expensive than other brands but contain less chemicals that are harmful to your child’s skin and are better to the environment so I am happy to pay the difference.

Gaia baby wipes are described as 100% Biodegradable which is a win for the environment but it would be great to also contain that the wipes are non flushable as many wipes end up down the drain.

RRP $6.50


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