Fertile Mind – Milkbar Maternity Pillow


Before my first baby, I was advised by many mums that I must have a maternity pillow. I was told that the long, body pillow style is the way to go for the sheer comfort during those long, long nights of zero sleep in the last few uncomfortable weeks of pregnancy. I listened to their advice and was sorely disappointed. The pillow was way to big to be comfortable manoeuvring around as I tossed and turned, it took up too much space in the bed and it couldn’t be easily used as a nursing pillow afterwards.


This Milkbar maternity pillow, in my eyes, is a stroke of genius. It is only about 2 feet long, so from the outset it fits easily anywhere you need it to. Before my baby was born I was placing it between my legs at night to provide more comfort in what was a horribly awkward pregnancy. It was soft enough to be comfy but not too soft that it’s purpose wasn’t achieved. And for the nights that sleep just wasn’t going to happen, as a back pillow it was perfect so that I could sit half upright on my back without affecting the baby.


As a nursing pillow, again it is soft enough to be comfy for my daughter but not too soft that her head sinks down or rolls around, so feeding is an easier process. I think my only vice with the pillow is that it could be a little more curved in shape. Unless I was sitting in a chair with arms to rest against, the pillow seemed to fall off my lap a little to easily. But if I had enough space I could position it running along side my body and it would then act as replacements chair arms, for example if I was sitting up in bed. So I guess from the perspective it’s a winner.


It comes in a few simple but pleasant colours which should fit in with most décor, if that’s important to you, and the cover is removable for washing  – another tick. The added bonus of this pillow is that once you’re done using it for baby purposes, it would make an awesome travel pillow!



RRP $69.95


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