Lindt Excellence Chocolate – Arabica Intense

Excellence Arabica Packshot - FRONT (No New)

I didn’t know what to expect with this chocolate. I am eating more and more dark chocolate these days in a bid to be healthier so am always scanning the shelf and trying to find dark chocolate to buy instead of my usual favourite – milk. I do not drink coffee and don’t like the taste but know Arabica is a coffee bean so was a little hesitant to try this in case there was a strong coffee flavour. I don’t like coffee flavour even in foods and can taste it very quickly even if only subtle or just a light hint of a coffee flavour.

The chocolate smelled just like a good quality dark chocolate when I opened the packet so I took a small bite. There is a definite smoky or coffee-type overtone but although it comes through quickly and quite strongly it did not deter me from eating more. Maybe the strength of the dark chocolate combined with the coffee bean helped to merge it in to a flavour that anyone would like whether they are a coffee lover or not. I was pleasantly surprised because it only normally takes a small taste, smell or hint of coffee for me to leave whatever I am eating on the plate and not touch it again.

To be honest it’s not my first choice of dark chocolate and I probably would not buy it again unless there were no other options available but I didn’t mind it and would happily eat it if offered again. Maybe the use of the raw coffee beans instead of coffee powder or a brew of coffee to create that coffee-flavoured background made it more palatable to me. There is a strong after-taste but once again I did not mind it and found it similar to the aftertaste of any strong dark chocolate. Eating dark chocolate does take some getting used to but if you like it already or give your palate time to adjust from just eating milk chocolate then you’ll probably like this flavour too. And if you already love drinking coffee then this will sure to be a hit unless you prefer a much stronger coffee flavour.


Robyn King, Victoria

RRP  $4.00



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