Wotnot – Baby Wash


As a new Mum it’s important what goes into products that I use on my baby so I was keen to try this product. Firstly I was impressed that it was Australian made and owned. Also that it was not tested on animals which is very close to my heart. The tube states that it is vegan and gluten free and contains certified organic ingredients if that’s important to users. I was also very touched that they proudly support Bear Cottage. I was unaware of this charity but when I checked discovered they have a  pediatric palliative care program.

The tube has a pop-top rather than screw top which is very important if you’re trying to handle a slippery infant with one hand/arm. I was easily able to open and close the top with only one hand free.

The main ingredient is aloe vera leaf juice which is evident when you squeeze it out because the consistency is of a clear viscous liquid rather than a cream. It went on smooth, is non-grainy, had minimal lather and left no residue. It had a nice subtle citrus scent which I later learned was the sweet orange oil. Most importantly bubs seemed to really enjoy her bath.

This product has to be stored below 30 degrees which may be an issue in northern states or in summertime. Other than that I had no issues with the actual product. It’s too soon to see if there are any skin reactions but I don’t expect any.

A huge positive is it has a long shelf life which is handy because a little goes a long way. However it’s a lot dearer than I’d normally pay for this type of product and it doesn’t appear to be available at the main supermarkets which makes it a little inconvenient having to go elsewhere to buy it.

If like me you’re concerned about the environment as well as baby’s skin then there’s a big tick for the fact that this product is free from sulphates, petrochemicals, parabens and artificial fragrances and preservatives. I’d recommend this product based on its use but based on its price am unlikely to buy it.

Catie, Victoria.


RRP  $14.99


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