Lindt Lindor Caramel balls

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Who doesn’t love a Lindor ball? Reviewing this product was particularly exciting because not only had I not tasted the caramel flavour with the shiny gold wrappers, I’d never even seen them before (have I been hiding under a rock?!).

The shells are of course the same smooth, velvety chocolate that you’ve come to expect from the Lindor range. The caramel inside them was rich and delicious (the same way I prefer my men); and not your jersey caramel type of fake flavour which would have you screaming “Artifice!”, but genuine, caramel-ly goodness. The inside was smooth and the same truffle-like texture that we’re used to.

There were four portions in the box (or as I prefer to count it – one), so enough to have just one and walk away. Or eat them all at once and find yourself in a sugar coma, hey, no judgment here. I found them quite sweet, so as someone who prides herself as a conqueror of the cocoa, you’ll probably find that one or two does the trick per sitting.

This is definitely a product that I’ll purchase again for a little treat, and will now be on the lookout for availability.