Lindt Excellence – Sea Salt Caramel

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Mmmm, sea salt, caramel and chocolate…it’s hard to go wrong with this popular flavour combination. We’re seeing it everywhere lately, in our ice cream, desserts and chocolate. So when a reputable brand like Lindt gives it a whirl, you sit up and listen.

So that part about hard to go wrong, well, that is, unless you’re not a fan of dark chocolate, which admittedly I’m not. In the interest of research I was willing to give it a go with an open heart (after all, that’s what all good chocolate deserves), but I’m afraid to say my love affair with the dark matter has not been kindled.

The caramel was indeed delish, and you could taste the flecks of the “hand harvested fleur de sel sea salt”, but the bitterness of the dark chocolate on my milky, pedestrian palate was too much, and overpowered the other flavours for me. The husband agreed with my assessment, but to be fair, is also a non-dark choc lover. I can imagine however for those fine connoisseurs who like dark chocolate, this would be a marriage of flavours made in Heaven. I’ve also seen this product in many supermarkets, so the good news is that it’s readily available for those who get hooked.