Breville the Control Grip


As soon as I saw the box I was excited to give it a go. Blending food can be a messy business as is feeding a young family. The Breville Control Grip promised to blend large quantities with the blending leg, have 15 speeds for different types of chopping, a whisk for egg based recipes and a chopping blade suitable for crushing ice! I was intrigued to give all this a go, so got to work!

The Breville Control Grip also contains a 1.25 Litre Jug, a 750ml Chopper Bowl and a wire whisk, allowing different types of meals to be whizzed in a heartbeat. It is compact and easy to store which makes a big difference for our household, as we don’t have a lot of storage space for large appliances.

The stick blender was the main focus for me when I was first using this product, as with young children some meals are best blended to sneak in those delicious vegetables that for some reason are not eaten when in true form!

The stick blender is easy to use, the grip area is comfortable to hold and the speed control is very easy to use and monitor. I liked the fact that I could turn the blender off so easily with a simple squeeze of the trigger switch. The Breville Control Grip is 24cm long, which although I didn’t find I needed myself, I can definitely see merit in this length for large batches of soup. The Breville Control Grip also claims that there is 80% less suction than other stick mixers. Now, I have only tried one other stick mixer so cannot really compare but I did find that the suction was never an issue. The stick did suction in on my bolognaise mixture but was easy to remove by simply moving the stick back up. The mixture was thick with liquid, meat and sneaky vegetables so perhaps this was why – though it doesn’t matter as the suction, as I said did not hinder my enjoyment of being able to blend so easily and mess free.

The Breville Control Grip also claims to be able to crush ice! Being winter when I first started to use this blender I have not had a need to crush ice but I did blend some frozen berries, which is very similar and perhaps harder. I found that with some added liquid the berries could be blended; it took time and a bit of jumping around from the larger berries but it did eventually work. The berries mixed better when I combined them with liquid in the 1.25 L jug or did it in the chopper bowl as the berries were more combined with the liquid and contained.

I used the stick blender in other bowls, cook pots and containers also and did not have any scratches occur. This was reassuring to know for the times I didn’t want to move my meals into the 1.25L jug.

The 1.25 L jug is the perfect size for small meals; it can make a mess with the stick blender whizzing away if you fill the bowl too high or your mixture is too sloppy so be careful with that. With a big meal you may need to use another container, however, it is a great space for quick blending with the blending leg. The jug comes with a lid so whizzed ingredients and meals can be stored easily and safely. This lid also doubles as a non-slip mat – fantastic idea!! When you are blending things there is often mess and movement. This mat helped out to minimize the movement of the jug.

The jug is also great to use for storing ingredients you have chopped in the chopper bowl as it has clear measurements up to 1.25L

The 750ml Chopper bowl is fantastic for chopping ingredients to add to a meal. I tried several different items and found everything blended well but time to blend did differ vastly. Cooked vegetables blended easily when near the blade but I did find that since the blade is low to the bottom of the bowl some things jump around and I needed to stop the blending to move the vegetables to closer to the blade. This did make the blending process a little slower and frustrating but it still got done. Everything chopped finely, which was perfect for what we needed. It would be handy to have different sized blades if you did want to chop things to different sizes. This Chopper bowl is small so user beware that it does take more time to chop a large amount of ingredients. However, for the convenience of size and cleaning I am happy to spend a few more minutes chopping away.

The wire whisk is a very handy addition to the Breville Control Grip as whisking is something that can take too long to do! The whisk worked easily and did the job it needed to do. I would be careful not to turn the speed up too high in case of splatter!

Overall the Breville Control Grip is an excellent addition to our kitchen. It is simple to use and the most important – quick and simple to clean. The bottom half of the stick pops off so that it can be washed. The blade moves easily with a cloth or within water making it easy to remove any hidden food items. The whisk cleans well as does the chopper bowl – the blade is removed and easy to clean. The grip section also wipes clean if any splatter occurs.

We will continue to use our Breville control grip on a regular basis, blending vegetables, making berry yogurt, mixing bolognaise and making home made guacamole. It does make the cooking and preparation process a lot less messy as it contains the blending to a small confined area. It stores so easily, leaving our kitchen cupboards feeling less cluttered. If you are looking for a small and easy to use blender, which works for any family this is the one to use!

RRP $109.95


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