Lindt – Irresistibly Smooth Assorted Pack

Lindt MC LogoX

Readily available at both Coles and Woolworths is the Lindt Lindor Irresistibly Smooth ASSORTED sharing bag. On opening my bag, I discovered one white ball, two dark, three milk, and four hazelnut, so the ‘assortment’ was not evenly distributed among the potential varieties. Additionally, like all of the Lindor range, the pack is “highly meltable – keep cool”, which may influence your purchasing decision.

A long time fan of dark chocolate, I immediately selected a blue-wrapped Lindt ball. Rich and creamy without a trace of bitterness, it was a decadent treat that ticked all the boxes.   The yellow-wrapped white Lindt ball, in contrast, was still creamy but extremely sweet. The orange-wrapped hazelnut Lindt ball was a revelation! Creamy milk chocolate with crunchy hazelnut chips in the outer casing – the contrast in textures was an absolute delight! Lastly, the red-wrapped milk Lindt ball was everything you’d expect – sweet, creamy, milky deliciousness.

This pack is listed on the Lindt page as a “sharing bag”, and it is ideally suited for such a purpose. Each individual chocolate was more than enough to satisfy the strongest chocolate craving. But if you have a particular favourite among the four varieties, then it may perhaps be wiser to buy a bag specialising in that flavour.

Catie Browning, VIC

RRP: $6.80


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