Gaia Body Wash – Lavender & Frankincense


I am very careful when buying body washes, as well as other skin products, because I have very sensitive skin. I usually buy a plain, unfragranced body wash but am always open to trying new products to see how they work with my skin. It was perfect timing with this product because I had just run out of the body wash I had been using so was able to give this a really good test run.

The bottle looks very small compared to other ones on the market (many are usually two, three or even four times bigger) and is more expensive.  However I was pleasantly surprised to see how economical it was. I have used it every day for a week so far and used three or four applications each time. I’m not even halfway through and the bottle is still about two-thirds full. The top gives a very controlled release of the liquid so there’s no excess and no waste. In the past when I’ve squeezed out the liquid from my usual pump-action bottles I can get way more than I need and it often spills over on to the shower floor. Not with this product; I was able to squeeze exactly the right amount on to my hand. The other bonus is the cap locks shut tightly so not only does it make it more hygienic preventing contamination of the contents it would be great for travel when other products can leak out in transit.

The liquid lathers up into a light foam to allow you to easily apply it all over your body and cover a larger area. It has an unusual fragrance combination (Lavender and Frankincense) but I really liked it and also the fact that it was subtle and not overpowering. The use of lavender should mean that it would make a lovely addition to your bath before bedtime to help you sleep. (I only used it in the shower each morning but it can be used in both the bath and shower.) The only negative would be that my shower base seemed to be a bit slippery after use so some care is needed to ensure you don’t slip over but that was a minor point and the only issue I had with this product.

It says it’s moisturising and I did find that but I also have very dry skin so did need to apply a moisturiser on some parts of my body and part way through the day when I noticed some slight flaking on other areas. However if you have normal skin or only mildly dry then you might not need any moisturizer or not need to apply any for a lot longer.

Overall I was very impressed with this body wash. Not only was it soap and sulphate free and uses organic products so is better not just for my skin but also for the environment, it was also very economical, did not react with my skin (there was no redness, irritation or itchiness after use) and it had a lovely fragrance. I would definitely recommend trying this next time you need a body wash for sensitive skin.

RRP $12.95


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