Eco Store – Baby Moisturiser

Eco Store Baby Moisturiser 200ml IM01-U

Eco Store’s moisturiser was a great product to use on my preschooler and toddler after their bath and throughout the day where needed. My children’s skin can be easily irritated so I am very conscious of what I put on their skin – rigorously reading ingredients before I purchase anything and watching for any irritations after application.

Eco Store’s Moisturiser contains all natural ingredients that are healthy for use on the human body and that I am confident to put on my children’s skin.

I used this moisturiser straight after bath time while my children’s skin was still moist from the bath. I applied only a small amount of cream and it spread easily over the body, leaving a smooth feeling behind. The first time I used the cream I found I poured out too much thinking it would be too thin or would absorb into the skin too easily. However, the cream was the right amount of thickness, easily moving over the skin but taking some time to absorb.

Eco Store’s Baby Moisturiser is only lightly fragranced with Lavender and Geranium, it is not overpowering or lingering but rather a subtle smell that my preschooler described as ‘lovely’.

Eco Store’s Baby Moisturiser is an excellent moisturiser that works and is healthy for my children’s skin. It is great value for money, as only a small amount needs to be applied for all the skin to feel smooth and replenished. It comes in an easy to use bottle that cannot be squeezed too easily by a roaming toddler but easy to use by the adult in their life. I love this product and will continue to use!

Reviewed by Vanessa, NSW

RRP $9.99


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