The Gro Company – GroHush

Gro-hush ls

Babies can be pretty unsettled in their first few days after birth. Think about it, they’ve been cocooned in this wonderful, sterile, sound proofed and warm environment since conception. Then all of a sudden they are thrown into this new world of chaos, full of bright lights, loud voices and draughty hallways. It’s no wonder they start screaming at you sometimes! My first daughter screamed for about 12 hours straight on day 2 in hospital and as a new mum I had no idea what I should be doing to help soothe her!

One way to help ease the learning curve for you both is the GroHush. At first I thought it was more of a novelty, toy-like item. But now I see its true value. A wonderful, compact invention that you hold up to a baby’s ear and soothe them with white noise, while still giving them the mummy cuddles they need.

If you choose to use the hospital nursery they will likely use white noise to soothe all the babies in their care, but if you choose to keep your baby with you in-room, this little gem might be the answer to getting some sleep in the first couple of days and for many months after! It has three settings – Ocean, heart beat and rain – all of which only your baby can hear so you won’t go crazy from the sounds yourself. My little girl who has only just been born, even as a calm little soul, really has been calmed by the sounds so that makes me a happy mummy!

Reviewed by Heather, NSW

RRP $59.95


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