Gaia – Facial Exfoliant


This facial scrub uses the calming effect of Chamomile and crushed organic walnut shell to perform its magic. Combined they really do a fantastic job of gently exfoliating the dead cells, without inflaming your skin, for a fresh face squeaky clean feel. You don’t need to do any harmful hard scrubbing; the product does it for you in seconds with gentle circular movements that leave your face revitalised!

Blending Bergamot and Sandalwood provide a unique overall relaxing fragrance. Once again It’s all about the fragrance; spending a little bit of extra time on yourself should be appreciated and all part of the sensory experience. I generally do not buy fragrance free products; the special me time is lost in translation. The waft of a gentle fragrance relaxes the mind and makes you feel special.

The previous scrub I used did not seem to be nearly as effective as Gaia and required a lot of hard scrubbing; hence I started experimenting with making my own scrubs. They were fine as a body scrub, but not gentle enough for the face.

Packaging is travel friendly and compact. One negative about the packaging for this product, the liquid is brown and mushy (which is fine), but the writing on the bottle doesn’t need to be brown. It makes it look like a bottle of kids paint or fabric dye. Maybe orange/coral or deep cerise would draw the buyer in, not brown.


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