Lindt Lindor Chocolate Balls – Sea Salt Caramel

69187 Lindor 154g SSC_LID_forvis_target.indd

I love chocolate so it did not take much restraint to try this new flavour along with my morning cuppa. I was a little confused when I first saw the box. I love the colour of the box and wrappers as it is one of my favourite colours but I normally identify this colour with a mint flavour.  I checked a little closer and saw that it was in fact Sea Salt Caramel flavour.  I would suggest that they maybe make the writing a little bigger because I’m sure I’m not the only one that would make this same mistake and grab the box in a rush at a store without properly checking.

I’m not normally a caramel fan. I love loose flowing caramel centres but other caramels I tend to shy away from so I was not sure how I’d find this flavour. However I was pleasantly surprised to find I did like this combination. Initially with my first small tentative bite it just tasted like chocolate and could have been a normal milk chocolate Lindt ball. There was no real caramel flavour or any hint of the sea salt.  However when I put the whole ball in my mouth I did taste the caramel but it was very very subtle and again really just tasted like normal chocolate. At the end I got the slight crunch and taste of the salt to round out the flavour and taste.

The caramel was not overly strong and did not dominate the chocolate ball’s overall flavour which I liked but for those who love their caramel flavour they may be slightly disappointed. The addition of the salt added some extra depth to the overall flavour without being too salty and off-putting. It was good that overall the flavour was not bitter or too strong  but it could have done with some more caramel or a stronger caramel flavour for those expecting a big caramel hit. The salt did linger a little at the end which was fine and did mean it wasn’t too sweet overall but I’m not sure that it would be my preferred end flavour. I think I would rather the salt was more prominent at the beginning or in the middle so it did not dominate at the end.

If you’re looking for the usual quality with Lindt you won’t be disappointed and if you love trying new flavours then most people should like this one. However although I enjoyed it it’s not one that I would rush back to buy.

Robyn King, Victoria

RRP  $12


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