GAIA Natural Baby Conditioning Detangler

GAIA 019

This is an amazing product! My daughter’s hair is curly and fine so constantly in knots at the end of the day and after a night’s sleep. Gaia’s Natural Baby Conditioning detangler is so simple to use, smells great and actually works!

My daughter’s hair is constantly is knots due to her energetic play, windy days or bed hair. We have found that a couple of sprays over her hair make the traumatic brushing process a lot less traumatic!

We have also found we can use the Gaia Natural Baby conditioning Detangler on wet or dry hair and it works just as well either way. Even the most knotted up and tangled hair becomes manageable with just a few sprays over the difficult to brush areas.

The spray doesn’t leave the hair with a hard or sticky feeling but rather a smooth feeling, which dries quickly leaving little residue behind.

Gaia Natural Baby Detangler comes in a very easy to use spray bottle, which is in an easy to store size. The spray bottle has continued to work well with the nozzle only falling off once. It has not jammed (which I have found other chemical laden products tend to do) and has continued to spray the right amount with each spray.

Not only does this product work, but it also contains all natural ingredients with certified organic oils. My daughters hair feels and looks healthy after the Detangler and is not irritated by the spray being used in any way.

RRP $9.99


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