Gaia Body Moisturiser – Lavender & Frankincense


I have very sensitive skin so I am always looking for skin products that do not irritate my skin. It doesn’t take much to either cause redness, burning, irritation or hives. I’ve tried a lot of different products over the years with mixed results. Sometimes the ones I think will irritate don’t and the ones made for sensitive skin cause a reaction.

I love scents and fragrances but usually opt for fragrance-free where possible because even products with essential oils used to give a natural fragrance can sometimes cause problems. This was an unusual fragrance combination but smelled lovely so worked well together. Lavender is reputed to help give a good night’s sleep so applying this at night could give some added benefit on top of just helping moisturise your skin or simply to help you relax during the day.
The bottle claims to use organic oils and is free of sulphates, petrochemicals, soap and paraben preservatives so would be very welcome for those looking for natural products free of any chemicals and other nasty additives. And for anyone with sensitive skin like me these are all huge positives to minimize any possible skin reactions.

I found the top gave a good control on the amount of moisturiser released to minimize waste. A small amount went a long way so it was very economical. I found it took a long time to rub the lotion in. Maybe I used a fraction too much but it stayed on my skin for a while and took several minutes to rub it in completely. While that’s not a huge negative if you’re in a hurry you might get a little frustrated that there’s residue left or you have to take longer to apply it. On the plus side it’s not greasy so a little bit left over shouldn’t be a problem and there also shouldn’t be any issues with a greasy finish being transferred to your clothes or your hair if there’s some left on your hands.

When you first apply it it’s very cooling which would be an added bonus using it in summer to give relief from the heat on hot days. It could also help to soothe sunburn, redness and itchy bites. The calendula used in this moisturiser is also known to help soothe particularly if like me you suffer from eczema or dermatitis.

I have used it off and on for over a week now with mixed results. Most times there were no issues and it did soothe and moisturise my dry skin. However on a couple of occasions straight after applying it I noticed some redness and felt some heat on my upper legs so not sure what caused that. I don’t believe it was the fragrance because I used the same fragrance combination in the Gaia Body Wash every day with no adverse affects. Wheatgerm oil is used as an ingredient and maybe I have a sensitivity to this. I have reacted to Vitamin E in products many years ago so usually try to avoid this. I believe Wheatgerm oil contains Vitamin E so this may be what caused the problem. I had no issues on the less sensitive parts of my body like my lower legs and the reaction I did have on the other areas was not serious or severe and did not last for very long.

So the jury is out on this product for me personally. I did find it reasonably good but if you have a wheat or Vitamin E allergy then I might suggest staying away from this product. If you don’t then it’s a nice product to use, has a lovely subtle fragrance and is not only good for the environment but is very soothing for dry and/or sensitive skin.

RRP $12.95


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