Vtech – Kidizoom Twist Plus Camera

140800 Kidizoom Twist plus Digital Camera Blue

My creative 4 year old pre-schooler loves the Vtech Kidizoom Twist Plus and has even taken it to school for news! We had previously tried other pre-schooler cameras but they were complicated, had small buttons and quickly left her frustrated. The Vtech Kidizoom camera was so intuitive she picked up the features with little prompting and engaged her curiosity.

The Kidizoom features include easy hand-holds for pre-schoolers, a safety strap, rotary ring lens that changes colour filters (rainbow filter was a quick favourite), 1800 twisting lens for photos forward backward selfies and up, two view finders for either eye, 4X easy zoom and buttons that are perfect for little fingers. The feedback sound effects can be silenced for quiet use and the large rubber handles will protect your new camera from careless bangs and drops.

She easily understands the symbols and can now navigate her way around the camera functions. My daughter loves playing with all the cool effects (up to 50 of them!) e.g. taking rainbow photos, funny face effects, frame themes (carnival mirror, hats and the kaleidoscope) and can get immediate feedback on her photo efforts with the play back.

140853 Kidshot

The built in auto flash means the camera will work when and where it is needed. The design of this camera has been thought through, with the flash and lens away from area where fingers may be. This translates into every shot showing up true to form, as long as your excited little photographer can keep the camera in one spot for each shot!

This camera also features 5 games that seem unnecessary for a camera when every other iDevice has this in spades. The games are complex for a 4 year old but I’m sure with practice she will get the hang of it. The camera also has many other features video recording, voice recording and animation maker that I’m sure she will grow into. The age range 3-9 yrs old seems spot on as there are features that suit both young and older.

Hosting a large 2.3 inch colour LCD screen replaying back the photos is childsplay! If your little one wants to return to taking photos she simply presses the shutter button. Downloading precious and often hilarious photos to your computer is as simple as connecting the USB cord between the two devices, Windows or Mac compatible. If your budding photographer likes to take more than 300 photos at a time, the camera supports a microSD card (card is not included).

As a parent what I loved about this camera is it included batteries, was quick to setup, is keeping my preschooler entertained for hours at a time and building her confidence in how to take photos. The included batteries are more for initial demonstration so to avoid a little sad face, best to buy 4 high quality AA batteries to go with your new favourite camera.

This camera is perfect for any little photographer!


RRP: $89.95

Available Blue & Pink


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