EcoStore Body Wash

Eco Store Baby Body Wash 200ml IBW02-U

This vegan and cruelty free Body Wash treats your baby’s skin with the upmost care it deserves. Eco Stores Body Wash cleanses your child’s skin; leaving it clean and fresh without the squeaky-clean feeling other soaps can leave behind. It comes in a 200ml easy to use container that allows for just the right amount of soap to come out with a small squeeze.

Eco Store’s Body Wash contains no fragrance, which although doesn’t sound so great at first, is great for your child’s skin. Many fragrances can cause irritations so this product is fantastic for children who are easily irritated by perfumes. This product can be used for weeks on end without irritation on our children (or parents) skin but always a fresh, clean feeling after application.

The soap feels silky when placed on the skin and moves around smoothly when cleansing the skin. Only a small amount of soap is needed to adequately wash any skin that has been playing in the sandpit, rumbling in the dirt or splashing about in mud puddles!

Eco Store’s Body wash is also nut and seed free, another bonus to those who have children who are allergic to these products. Made out of renewable sugar cane plastic, there is no chance of hidden chemicals seeping through onto your child’s skins.

Eco Store’s Body Wash is a must have for any parent conscious of looking after not only their child’s skin but the world their children are living in.

Reviewed by Vanessa, NSW

RRP $8.99


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