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My house, thankfully, remains quite cool in the summer months. But in the cooler winter months it’s like we’re living in an icebox. That’s what you get in old houses I guess!

Having a newborn baby is hard enough to manage, without the worry of whether their room is a safe and comfortable enough temperature to help you get and/or keep them asleep.


The GroEgg is so incredibly simple to use. When the room is in the recommended temperature range it glows an ambient yellow. If it goes up above the recommended range by a little, it changes to orange. And if it’s getting a little too warm it changes to red. Pretty simple right? The only other colour you deal with is blue, which means the room is a little cooler than it probably should be. It makes life easier in terms of heater or fan management and I’m still using it now and my toddler is nearly two. I don’t even need to be close enough to it to read the temperature, I can just see the colour from the doorway and know instantly whether I need to make any changes.


It’s not just temperature management though. The lighting is soft enough that it doesn’t wake them up, but it’s also bright enough that if I need to, I can check on her sleeping without the need of turning on the main light. And it means if she wakes up she’s not in a pitch black room.


As far as night lights go it’s probably on the higher end of the budget, but the fact that you are getting a thermometer as well makes up for that in my opinion, plus it’s not battery operated like most night lights are so there will be no switching off in the middle of the night.


I’m pretty sure this is one product I’ll be using for a few more years at least!


Reviewed by Heather, NSW

RRP $49.95


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