Lindt – Irresistibly Smooth White


You may struggle to find the elusive Lindt Lindor White Sharing Bag out in the wild — it is not listed on Coles or Woolworths online sites, nor on Lindt’s own home page. But the struggle may well be worth it. I’m not traditionally a huge fan of white “chocolate”, but this is one indulgence that lives up to the claims on the packaging — it IS indeed “irresistibly smooth”. Perhaps best savoured together with your favourite hot beverage, I found it a delightful complement to a naughty cup of hot mocha on a cold Winter’s afternoon. If I were to find fault with the product, it would be that the chocolate is extremely sweet – I was not tempted to eat more than one at a time. Additionally, the rear of the pack warns that the item is “highly meltable – keep cool”, which may not make it the most convenient purchase in Summer or the warmer states/territories.


Catie Browning, VIC



RRP: $6.79 – $6.80


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