Crayola – Color Wonder


“Do you want to colour-ii-in?!” I sing to myself to the tune of that infamous snowman song. Crayola’s Color Wonder pack has just arrived and I don’t know who’s more excited – Miss 2 for the new Frozen theme-based colouring-in pack, or her Mummy who has been promised “mess free coloring” that “won’t color on skin, furniture or fabric!”. Bring it on Crayola – challenge accepted.

We have the makings of a little Picasso in this household, demonstrated by the non-stop artworks that come home from daycare each week to the remnants of a cerise coloured pencil on the white walls (we call that one “Miss 2 on Dulux Lexicon”). The kid can colour, and so is the perfect test recipient for this product.

The pack consists of an 18 page colouring book and five accompanying ‘magic’ textas. The textas only work on the color wonder paper and each is seemingly clear until connected with the special paper. And it’s cool. Really cool. The colour takes a second to appear on the page, which Miss 2 found fascinating and exciting (the same could not be said for Mummy’s OCD, where each millisecond seemed like an eternity to ensure that I was in between the lines, but I digress…). Most pages also have secret little shapes embedded in the paper that only appear once coloured in, which added to the enjoyment and fun.

The greatest test of the pack came one Saturday when we decided on a whim to have lunch at an unfamiliar café. In we walk with the toddler to the stares of tables full of empty-nesters drinking their expensive wine with pursed lips (I’m still on the fence on whether or not it was the wine or my child that was not to their satisfaction). Great, we had accidentally entered the posh zone. Not to worry, we had Color Wonder on our side! They might have had their luxury European cars, but we had Elsa and Anna.

I can happily report that this pack kept Miss 2 entertained throughout the Farmhouse Charcuterie Board and $15 kid’s meal. And the best part was that we didn’t have to stress that the textas were damaging the posh tables, tablecloths and chairs.

Well played Crayola, well played.

So here’s another fun fact about the product; the textas don’t dry out in a hurry like many others. We’ve been known to go back a few hours later to discover that the lids were hiding behind the lounge/under a table/wherever the dog was last, and were still in perfect working order. I can also attest that as promised they don’t color on skin, furniture or fabric. Well, the ones that Miss 2 managed to ‘test’ anyway. The only downside of the product is that I can’t promise you won’t be belting out (awesome I’m sure) renditions of “Let it go” for days afterwards.

This product is now definitely on my ‘hit list’ for all of the little people in our life for presents, we loved it.

Amy C-W, ACT

RRP $14.00


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