Gaia – Refreshing Toner


This product is a life saver. The combination of rose, calendula and green tea are so refreshing on my dry skin. Spraying my face with Gaia Toner provides an instant wake-up, invigorating the senses at any time of the day or night. I’m not a fan of fragrance free products – the subtle fragrances in skincare products play a vital role in the whole experience & lets your senses escape; invigorating your skin as well as your mood. This is important; when your skin feels tired you feel tired.

On long plane trips or at work in the air conditioning, my skin really dries out. So I have taken to carrying this wonder product in my handbag; when I feel my skin is dehydrated and needs a pick me up, I give it a quick spritz and I’m instantly rejuvenated.

I love the fact that it is totally organic and not tested on animals. This is a really important fact in the products I choose.

I have one negative observation. The 125 ml bottle is just over the allowable size to take on board planes, so something to think about – yes you can transfer to a smaller bottle, but that’s messy and inconvenient. I have done it, just to be able to get it on board with me. The packaging is safe but not airplane size friendly. This could be a minor, yet very important change! Or have two sizes!

Overall – I love this product and would recommend to all my fellow travellers.

Reviewed by Veronica, NSW

RRP $12.95


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