Kambrook – Blitz to Go blender

Blitz2Go KBL20

I’m not a health food junkie by any standards, so the appeal of having a one-serve blender for something like protein shakes hasn’t ever been high on my priority list. Over the years I have made many fruit smoothies and my favourite strawberry milkshakes countless times over, but it’s never been an enjoyable experience simply because I’ve always found a normal blender so heavy and hard to clean afterwards. It really took the joy out of the whole experience for me so it wasn’t a common appliance for me to use.

Using the Blitz to Go has been a pleasant surprise. It comes with 2 different sized bottles so right from the get-go it’s easy to decide how much you’re making, then it’s just a matter of what ingredient you want to shine, and ensuring you put most of that in! My milkshakes have been nice and creamy smooth (although I do moss the surprise lump of ice-cream that I’m used to getting here and there), and my fruit smoothies don’t have any big chunks, remnants of fruit that got caught in the bottom blades and scooped out at the last minute.

Plus I’ve actually been experimenting a little more with different things simply because it’s so easy to use. Weetbix, yoghurt and honey smoothies are fast becoming a favourite and I know I’ll definitely be using it more to puree foods once my second baby is born.

As for cleaning, the blade simply gets rinsed under the tap and the bottles pop straight into the dishwasher! The bottles also come with spill proof lids so if you’re blending to go in the car or to work etc, it’s such an easy process and means there is no transferring between drinks bottles to only make more mess and more to clean. The unit itself is nice and compact meaning it slots right into the cupboard and doesn’t take up much space or need to sit on the benchtop permanently.

I think for young professionals on the go all the time, it’s the ideal appliance, but if you’re a family needing larger portions it might not be the best choice. Whatever you use it for though, it’s money well spent.


RRP $49.95


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