EcoStore – Baby Shampoo

Eco Store Baby Shampoo 200ml IS02-U

Eco Store Baby Shampoo is the only way to wash your babies hair, especially if you have your own little Murgatroyd trying to grow their own garden! The ingredients in this shampoo are all natural, leaving your child’s hair soft, clean and smooth. This shampoo never leaves an oily residue or strong smelling scent, rather a light fluffy to touch feeling and clean smell. Eco Store’s Baby shampoo cleans the hair gently without stripping all the natural oils thus allowing the child to go for longer between those traumatic hair-washing days!

A light lavender smell fills the air when the shampoo hits your child’s scalp, providing calm not only to the scalp but also to the surrounding bath time atmosphere. The shampoo glides through the hair, is easy to rinse out and does not sting the eyes.

Eco Store’s Baby Shampoo seems to leave the hair less knotted than other products, (some magical natural ingredient I would love to know about!) thus leaving the brushing the hair part of the evening a lot more enjoyable!

Eco Store’s Baby Shampoo is an excellent product that all children can use and all parents can feel comfortable knowing that their child’s hair is clean and healthy along with their skin and bodies.

Eco Store’s Baby shampoo comes in an easy to use package that is mess and waste free. The package can be recycled, another bonus for the environment!

Reviewed by Vanessa, NSW


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