Lindt Creation Chocolate – Sublime Mint Dark

Lindt MC LogoX

‘You had me at chocolate’ is most definitely my catch-cry. I love chocolate and when asked what my favourite food is, ‘chocolate’ is almost always the answer.
While I’ll happily eat most chocolate and am not really what you call a connoisseur or snob I definitely draw the line at some of the cheaper brands that use compound chocolate. I can definitely taste a difference and it leaves a horrible taste in my mouth. So when I see the name ‘Lindt’ I know I’m dealing with quality and have no hesitation trying any of their flavours or products. It’s a brand the whole family loves and we always buy for special occasions like Christmas and birthdays.

The packaging of this Lindt Creation chocolate immediately draws you in. The picture looks like a gourmet dessert and something I’d definitely want to try. Every part of the picture matches the written description underneath so I know exactly what flavours I’ll find when I open it up. I love mint so the classic combination of chocolate and mint is always a winner but the added bonus of using dark chocolate really got my attention. I’m trying to be healthier these days and watching what I eat so I am eating more dark chocolate when I need a sweet snack between or after meals. It makes me feel less guilty and I believe I’m getting a bit more benefit eating dark instead of milk.

My first impressions as I opened up the foil were the wonderful aroma coming from the packet and the very generous size of each individual piece. I was really excited to try this flavour and I wasn’t disappointed. It tasted like an after dinner mint but with a twist – a smoother more solid centre and some tiny crunchy bits to add texture and a surprise at the end. Each piece was rich and creamy and very filling. I could taste the dark chocolate but it was not too strong and did not overpower the other flavours inside. While I didn’t stop at one, because chocolate is always hard to resist, after three or four pieces I found I had had enough to satisfy me on that occasion. It’s name said it all – it was ‘sublime’ and I loved it. I will definitely go back for more and be happy to purchase this again in the future.

Robyn King, Victoria

RRP  $4.00


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