Gaia – Skin Soothing Lotion


Gaia Skin Soothing lotion for babies is an Australian made skin product that uses only natural ingredients; meaning less irritation on the skin and the environment.

This lotion comes in a small and very easy to squeeze tube. The cream is thick so not a lot is needed though I still felt that I went through it quite quickly – perhaps as the tube is easy to squeeze and more cream often came out than what I needed.

I used this lotion straight after bath time and also with nappy changes when I found my son’s skin to look dry or irritated. It rubbed on thick but easily soaked into his skin and left it feeling smooth and moisturized. I even used it on my dry lips after a windy day out at the park and it worked a treat!

I loved the fact that all the ingredients were natural and designed to be used on eczema prone skin. My son has eczema and I have found this product to be very soothing on his skin. We have been using the skin soothing lotion for some time now and it has not caused any irritation at all.

It would be great to see the lotion come in a pack that is recyclable, as it would make it even more appealing to use.

Gaia Skin Soothing Lotion is a great product I will continue to use as long as eczema and dry skin hangs around.

RRP $9.99


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