The Gro Company – Gro-Light Night Light

Gro-light IMAGE

Picture your precious little bundle of joy all snuggly warm in their little sleeping bag and is being tucked into bed by mum and dad; dad places bubby in the cot and mum kisses their cheek good night they turn and walk towards the door and turn off the light, then this tiny little baby is plunged into darkness! What a shock to bubby!

From light to dark so quickly of course they cry!! Now enter a new easy nightlight without the need for a “night light” it’s from the leading maker of baby sleeping bags grobag! And is called the Gro-Light. The Gro-Light Night Light comes with a bayonet. The Gro–light fits effortlessly to your regular overhead light or bedside lamp and soaks your baby’s room with a gentle glow when you flick the light switch one time. This allows you to use your regular light as a nightlight, or it allows you to switch on the Gro-Light Night Light with a simple flick of the switch to gently illuminate bubby’s room and simply check on bubby without waking them. Flick the switch two times and you’ve got your usual full light back.

The main features of this new and innovative Night Light are:

  • One click and you have a night light or two clicks and you turn on the full main light as per normal.
  • You can adjust the level of glow on the night light component with a simple turn of a wheel on the main unit.
  • It connects to most standard light fittings as it has a bayonet fitting.

While this product makes a lovely addition to a nursery is does not have to be nursery specific, what about when your little one is toilet training and they need a little light to guide them to the toilet, just place the Gro-Light Night Light in the hall way and switch it onto the Night Light setting and voila you have a fear free walk to the toilet without having the harsh full light on to wake people up.

It also makes a wonderful monster deterrent for the little one, who has a fear of monsters in the dark! Simply add to child’s bed room and turn on to a nice neutral glow not too bright but enough to deter those wicked monsters that creep out from under the bed.

There were minimal cons with this product however I found a couple.

Our main light in the nursery is also a fan unit which means 2 bayonet fitting lights facing in opposite directions under a glass shade, which has no conceivable way of being used for the Gro-Light. So I would recommend checking your light fitting before purchasing this product. We were able to work around this by using a lamp beside the feeding chair, not quite as convenient but still works perfectly.

The other small challenge I found was the flick once and flick twice option sometimes it was hit and miss as you have to flick quite quickly to get the normal light to glow. However my light switch is quite fussy.

Over all the Gro-Light Night Light by grobag is brilliant and I would recommend it to anyone with a baby or not.

The cost is reasonable at $29.95 and at this stage the optimal way to buy is online via: I would recommend ensuring that is shows in AUD$ as it shows up in GBP, initially.

Enjoy and Sleep Sweet

Reviewed by Shelley, VIC

RRP $29.95


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