EcoStore – Nappy Balm

Eco Store Baby Nappy Balm IN006-U

Eco Store Nappy Balm is great natural product that can be used in place of many products out there that contain harsh chemicals. This nappy balm from Eco Store contains all natural products that are safe to use on my children’s skin (and even my own!). From nappy rash to dry skin on older children this cream does the trick; soothing rashes, creating a barrier in a wet nappy and moisturizing winter skin!

We found a small application when needed does the trick and did not bring about any further or new irritations. We have used other creams that seemed too thin or contained too many parabens that were labeled as natural or safe for children – this cream contains all natural products and fixes rashes within a few applications.

Eco Store Nappy Balm comes in a recyclable container made of glass and although it comes in a small tub the cream lasts long enough as only a small application is needed each time. The jar is small enough to fit in a nappy or travel bag, can be used quickly and is mess free for the child and adult using or applying the cream.

If you are environmentally conscious and concerned with the amount of chemicals that are hidden in many baby products that may be the cause of irritations then switch to Eco Store Nappy Balm. Eco Store Nappy Balm is a great product for young children and their bottoms!

Reviewed by Vanessa, NSW


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