Gaia – Creamy Cleanser

Creamy Cleanser 125ml #A 012

I have to say right up front that I have been pretty lazy when it comes to my skin care over the years. Whether it be time poor or just couldn’t afford it, the convenience & speed of just using soap in the shower or make-up wipes always won out! As I have gotten older my skin has become more sensitive to products, so I have been looking for alternatives that are planet friendly.

Gaia has come to my rescue and it ticks all the boxes! Totally organic, practical, safe & leaves my skin feeling soft & subtle.

I love the plastic pump bottle – it makes it so easy & safe to use in the shower on a daily basis so there’s no excuses. I have dry sensitive skin, so the totally organic cleanser appealed to me, especially because there is no animal testing. In the short time I’ve been using Gaia I’ve noticed my skin is not so dry & flakey. It removes my makeup easily at the end of the day and I adore the overall citrus blend fragrance.

The packaging size is ideal; not too large & bulky. The pump bottle fits nicely on the shower shelf and is also compact enough to take on holidays too – compact and leak proof plastic bottles – great for airplanes.

My pores are clear and the texture of my skin has improved; best of all – it’s totally organic! I really like this cleanser and would recommend to all, to give it a go. This cleanser helps you face the daily grime and protects your skin from the elements, while creating a refreshing start to my day.

Reviewed by Veronica, NSW

RRP $12.95


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