Fertile Mind – Soft Tights

Fertile Mind Maternity Tights opaque black can make footless tights

I’ve never really been massively into wearing tights or stockings, definitely not when I was younger except for the horrible grey things I had to wear at school, but I have donned the occasional pair in my adult years. They just weren’t for me. So when I was given this pair of maternity tights I was anything but excited if I’m honest.

Being winter and 34 weeks pregnant I decided to give them a shot and see if they really were as comfortable as they claimed. I knew it was unlikely I’d wear them as part of a daytime outfit, especially considering I’m not working and have no need for office clothing, so I thought they might work well as pyjama bottoms. Dressing after my toasty shower, I was surprised to find that not only were they really comfortable, they were really warm as well. The extra ribbing around the belly supported my growing baby without being restricting in any way, and I was warmer in bed than my usual pregnancy trackies. Plus, being footless meant that I had no saggy bits of material catching in the sheets and they weren’t too tight around my ankles that the circulation was cut off. My pair has started to pill a little because I’m wearing them in bed and they’re obviously rubbing against the sheets, but if you wear them on a normal daily basis I doubt this would happen.

The only thing I can find as a negative is that it’s a little difficult to get them on when you have a baby belly in the way. But if you can hold your breath for a minute and manage that hurdle, or have help to get them on, then you really should be getting a pair of these.

Reviewed by Heather, NSW


RRP $24.95


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