Eco Store – Foaming Hand Wash Grapefruit & Mint

Eco Store Foaming Hand Wash - Grapefruit & Mint 250ml MFGR02-U

I haven’t tried any of the Eco products before but was keen to do so not only because of the benefits to the environment but also because of my allergies and very dry and sensitive skin. The bottle is very plain and wouldn’t jump out at you on the supermarket shelf but I much prefer functionality over appearance any day. The bright colours and fancy logos of other brands might look very appealing but if they don’t do the job properly or are full of added chemicals then after one use I wouldn’t give them a second glance.

I haven’t tried a foaming hand wash before so was keen to do so. The fragrance (Grapefruit & Mint) was a strange combination to me and even my son screwed up his nose when he read the label. However I was pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Neither fragrance dominated the other and both worked well together to provide a subtle fragrance that did not overpower the senses.

I prefer a hand wash to soap because there is usually less residue and mess so less work cleaning up afterwards but occasionally some will squirt into the basin or sink and there is a tendency with normal liquid hand washes to squeeze out too much accidentally. Not with the Eco foaming hand wash. Each pump provided just the right amount of foam and there was no excess or mess. The pump was easy to use and it pumped straight on to my hand with no spills and no waste.

The experts say for proper hygiene you should spend about 20 seconds thoroughly washing your hands but being busy I often end up doing a quick wash and wipe under the tap and often wonder how well I am actually cleaning my hands. The foam application meant there was often some excess foam still on my hands after the initial wash which prompted me to clean it off completely and do a more thorough job giving me the confidence of a much better clean.

The price of the better quality hand washes like this one is often a little dearer than other cheaper brands but I was pleased to see it wasn’t excessively dearer and I believe you do get real value with this brand. I have used it several times a day for almost a week and the bottle still feels very full so it is very economical. And at the end of the day paying a little bit more for a more natural product that not only benefits the environment but also is good for your skin is a real bonus. Over the week using this product I have not had any redness, irritations or reactions and my dry skin feels soft enough that I don’t need to apply moisturiser afterwards like I normally would.

I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone wanting a more natural product and for those that normally suffer from skin problems. My skin is often quick to react to a wide range of skincare and cleaning products but with the Eco hand wash I had no problems whatsoever and feel confident that I can use it every day without any adverse effects.

Robyn King, Victoria

RRP  $5.99


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