Gaia – Made for Men Face & Body Wash

Mens Wash 150g 001
Mens Wash 150g 001

When I was in hospital having my first baby, I wasn’t even thinking about my husband’s needs or what he should take along. I was more focused on the baby and myself! This time around I have him in training, and he’s using this face and body wash. He’s always been a soap and water kinda guy, but I’ve got the Gaia brand just as something different to try because of its natural and organic nature. I’m hoping it might be a nice product that will be just what he needs to freshen up after hours being my support person. After all, I need him to be feeling great because it’s likely I won’t!

So far the feedback has been muted, as he’s still getting used to the idea of a body wash. It has a fairly neutral smell so there’s no protest there. If it was a strong smell I’m sure it wouldn’t have gone down well at all. I think also as he has sensitive skin it’s probably just a little bit different than the soap that his skin is used to.

I’ve started using it myself and find it quite pleasant but I’m a regular body wash user, have been all my life. I love the feeling of using the loofah and getting all bubbled up, I just feel cleaner. It hasn’t left my skin dry or oily at all and I like the subtle scent. It’ll certainly be easier than faffing around with a bar of soap when we go to hospital in a few weeks at any rate!

I think maybe over time he could be a convert but we have a while to go yet. Using it on his face might be a little easier as he doesn’t seem to mind that.

Reviewed by Heather, NSW

RRP $11.95


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