EcoStore – Bubble Bath

Eco Store Bubble Bath 200ml IBB02-U

As an eco conscious mum I have deprived my children of bubble baths knowing the damage that bubble forming chemicals can place on skin and in the water that goes down the drain.

However, after using Eco Store’s Bubble bath I am converted and my children are delighted! Eco Store’s Bubble Bath comes in an easy to use container. Only a small squeeze from the bottle is needed and then can be stored easily away in any sized cupboard. The bubbles are thick and last long enough for a play but slowly disintegrate leaving the bath and the children’s skin looking soap free. The bubble bath is easy to use under the running water and only a small amount is needed to form some playtime bubbles. My children were able to make beards and crazy hairdos with the bubbles, enjoying the time they had before the water went ‘back to the fishies’.

Eco Store Bubble bath smells lovely and cleans the children after a busy day of play. It leaves the baths toys clean with no oil or soap scum upon them.

It contains easy to understand ingredients and a recyclable package, which not many other bathing products do – an added bonus to purchasing this product! We love using Eco Store Bubble Bath it is a cleansing and non-irritating product that is an added bonus to our aspiring eco friendly day.

Reviewed by Vanessa, NSW


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