Aveeno Daily Body Wash

skinrelief body wash

I’ve never really been loyal to any one particular body wash and the fact that I need to share it with my husband, limits the type and scent we select. For my mind, they’re all pretty much the same, save for the fragrance. Milk- based, coconut-based or water-based, the results were the same.

The fragrance free formula of this produce was a big winner for both of us – it would appear that my husband isn’t so keen on smelling like peach and vanilla at the worksite! Other body washes claiming to be ‘fragrance free’ always have some undertone of perfume but Aveeno is true to its word.

The Aveeno Daily Body Wash feels like a dream on your skin. The low suds volume provides reassurance that this soap-free product is bursting in natural ingredients (colloidal oatmeal, kernel oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil), and not stripping your skin each time you use it. No harsh chemicals here! Even after rinsing, my skin felt replenished, like it had a soft protective barrier but without feeling greasy…a feeling that lasted all day long.

I would highly recommend this body wash to those with dry, irritated or sensitive skin. My son suffers from itchy dry skin, to the point of scratching (during the night) until he bleeds. After just one use, I noticed a substantial difference in his skin tone and texture and far less scratching! Three days later, his skin had completely cleared up, looked healthy and replenished and was silky soft to the touch.

Chrissy, Canberra


RRP $10.29


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