Fertile Mind – Perfect Fit Maternity Undies

Fertile Mind Perfect Fit Maternity Undies Pink with Choc trim

The first few months of pregnancy you’re usually trying to rid yourself of nasty morning sickness or hide the fact that you are actually growing a baby and it can be a while before you actually start to show your bump. When you do, your body has been changing in many ways and one of those is obviously your waistline. The last thing you want is to be restricted by your usual underwear that is only going to get tighter and more uncomfortable as the months slowly pass you by.

If you’ve done your research, it’s no secret that after birth you will be bleeding for a number of days as your uterus recovers, and you’ll be using maternity pads until the bleeding ends. If you’ve needed or chosen a c-section you’ll also be sporting a scar with the appropriate medical dressings so you won’t want anything sitting directly on top of it. You’ll want something light on elastic and loose-ish on the skin. You definitely won’t have any need for your favourite pair of lacy knickers!

The Perfect Fit range are comfortable and affordable enough that you can buy a few pairs and really enjoy their comfort long after you get home. They actually have nice colours too, unlike some maternity underwear that looks like I should be buying for my grandma!

I’m due with my second baby in a few weeks and the undies have been a godsend, the last few weeks particularly. I’m fairly sure I’ll be wearing them for a while afterwards as well!

Reviewed by Heather, NSW


RRP $12.00 (Two-pack)


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