Love to Dream – Swaddle Up Stage 1

Swaddle Up Original

Having a baby is such a momentous and special time in your life. Whether you have a natural birth or c-section, adopt or foster, at the end of the day you have a little squishy baby that is 100% dependant on you.

If you’ve had your baby in hospital you’re usually provided with the basics for your bub: nappies, a pint-sized hospital gown or singlet, and a hospital blanket to keep them nice and snuggly warm. You’re also likely to be shown how to wrap your new baby in said blanket by the midwives – and you’ll be shown a different way by each midwife, which can be highly confusing!


A way to combat this is to go prepared with a swaddle. Swaddles are wonderful creations as they allow you to contain your babies’ arms with a simple zipper so that, unlike blankets, they can’t wriggle free. They’ll stay nice and warm and be soothed at the same time.


I’ve used a range of wraps and swaddles before and the Love to Dream brand is definitely high up on the list of top contenders as it allows the babies to sleep with their arms up in a natural position so they are less likely to scare themselves awake, which is not ideal, especially if it’s the middle of the night and you’ve spent the last few hours coaxing them to sleep! Their website is also really useful with lots of information on the science behind why the swaddles work so well.


They have different togs for the varied weather we have and the nice simple designs are easy on the eye. And even then, the material isn’t so thick that when you wash it, it then takes days to dry. This is a very good thing if you have any nappy explosions or milk projectiles and need it back in a hurry!


Reviewed by Heather, NSW

RRP $ 39.95


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