EcoStore – Sleepytime Bath

Eco Store Baby Sleepytime Bath IBS02-U

Sleepytime Bath by Eco Store comes in a compact and easy to use container. The bath soap is very easily dispensed and as it is in a small container, can be easily stored in any bathroom. As soon as this product is opened the relaxing scents of lavender and Geranium hit the senses, bringing a sense of calm to the craziness of the dinner and bath time routine. Small bubbles form when the water runs with the soap adding a bonus to bath time without nasty bubble forming chemicals that are in other bubble bath products.   The subtle smell remains in the air for quite some time, helping mum or dad to relax and breathe in the relaxing aroma!

The soap cleanses children’s skin and does not leave any irritations or soap scum on toys or the bath. Children of any ages love playing with bubbles and also seeing in amazement the bubbles disappear to leave the water looking fresh and soap free. Not only is the soap gentle on children it is also gentle on the caregivers hands, leaving them smooth and fresh, not dry and irritated like other bath soaps can.

Sleepy time bath is an added bonus to any bath time routine especially after a busy day when children (and parent) might need an extra bit of relaxing before they go to bed.

Reviewed by Vanessa, NSW


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