Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion


My skin has always been in need of constant TLC and is susceptible to eczema. There is no doubt that bitter Canberra winters are brutal and additional hot showers (a necessity to keep you sane), compound the punishment my skin receives. Add to that, hot dry office air and you have a recipe for scaly, flaky, irritated skin. Whilst I have been a religious ‘morning and night’ Sorbolene cream user (mostly due to the cost effective economy sized bottles), I have branched out from time to time, to give other moisturisers a go and I can’t say that I noticed a significant difference from one to the other.

The same certainly cannot be said for the Aveeno Daily Moisturiser! After one application, my skin felt smooth and nourished and, it felt that way right throughout the day. The fragrance free formula means that it’s not competing against my perfume for attention and I’m not left feeling like I’ve bathed a witches’ cauldron of scents. It has a pleasant light feeling on the skin which is instantly absorbed and forms a protective barrier on the skin. After five days of using the product, my skin is not itchy and not a flake to be seen.

If I had one negative, I would say that you need to use quite a bit in order to cover your body sufficiently, so usage is quite high. Having said that, with the instant results this moisturiser provides and the way my skin feels, I’m going back for more!


Chrissy, Canberra


RRP $4.19


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