The Gro Company – Gro Anywhere Blind


If you have a distracted baby like me you will love the portable block out Gro Anywhere Blind. My son is what I call the ‘distracted baby’. When it comes to nap time he looks around the room for things to play with and he can be difficult to get to sleep. I need a very dark room for him to fall asleep easily.

He is especially hard to get to sleep when travelling, attending family gatherings or just visiting a friend. I still try to plan visits and outings around my bubs naps (as most people do), but if you ever get stuck, now there is a solution that can turn any room dark and ready for snoozing.

If you have had to stay away from your home with your child you know it can be stressful to get them to sleep in an unfamiliar environment, made even harder if you cannot block the light out.
The Gro Anywhere Blind is so compact and lightweight you can pack it in your nappy bag and take it with you anywhere. It takes minutes to assemble, you use the suction cups (I was surprised how well they grip!) to stick it straight onto the window and it instantly blocks out all sunlight. It has eyelets at regular intervals so you can pop in suckers where needed depending on the size of the window. It can fit any window up to 130 centimetres by 200 centimetres.

I have also used the Gro Anywhere Blind at home. We have block out blinds in my son’s room, but during the day light shines through around the sides of the blind. So even with the blinds down, his room is still quite bright during the day. I just stuck the blind along the top of the window architrave (takes 2 minutes) and I had an instantly dark room ready for nap time! Bub fell asleep much faster with these up and slept much better.

I will be taking my Gro Anywhere Blind with me for all bubs visits to Grandma’s from now on! I will also definitely be packing it for our first family holiday later this year. It is nice to have that peace of mind that I can create a dark sleep environment for my bub, like what we have at home, no matter where we are.

I also think The Gro Anywhere Blind is a great option for families who are renting, or if you don’t want to put up permanent block-out blinds at home.

I would suggest taking the blind down and giving the window and the suction cups a clean to ensure maximum suction for each use. I would also be careful when removing the suction cups from the window, don’t just pull them off, try to ‘peel’ them off, as they are quite strong and you don’t want to damage the window! One precaution I would suggest is do not put bubs cot or bassinet under the window where you hang the blind, if you do not suction it on well enough it could fall down during the night. This hasn’t happened to me, but as it is not a permanent structure it is a precaution you should take.

All in all this is a really versatile product! It is light-weight and totally portable, it allows you to easily and conveniently darken any room in a matter of minutes no matter where you are.

Andrea Everingham, NSW

RRP $59.95


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