Johnson & Johnson – Baby Bedtime Lotion


J&J Baby bedtime lotion

Most baby products smell amazing, but this bedtime lotion has my toddler asking for more. Every single time. And not just at bedtime either! For her morning nappy change, we climb on to the change table and before I can even lie her down, she’s reaching into the drawer saying ‘more’. So we lather up.

And so the story goes all throughout the day.

In the evenings, our routine is dinner, which is essentially whatever I can get her to eat. Followed by a bath to remove the day’s grime, which usually ends in water and bubbles everywhere! Then it’s pj’s time where we go hell for leather with the lotion so the smell calms her as she drinks her milk in the hour before bed. On the bottle it says it has calming essences, and I really believe they work. She’s been getting fussy with both food and her bottles recently but now she seems to just sit down and chill out. We even get to have a little cuddle while she drinks now which is my favourite part.

The smell is just so relaxing and it even leaves my hands wanting more – I’d love to be using it on myself! Plus, it’s not oily or grimy so once you’ve rubbed the lotion in you’re good to go.

RRP $5.69


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