Johnson & Johnson – Baby Bedtime Bath


I’m such a big fan of Johnson and Johnson baby bedtime bath, and have been using it for several years now. I’ve used it since my little one was born; so he moved from the newborn stage, to the toddler stage, to the little boy stage, always smelling delicious after a bath.

I love that it is gentle on his skin, that it leaves him feeling clean and soft, but, as mentioned; it’s intoxicating smell is the real winner. I use it on his skin, as well as his hair, with no issues if some happens to go near his eyes, and I find that it’s smell lasts long after bath time (so an indulgent Mum can inhale him from time to time).

It does the job at the end of the day for cleaning busy little bodies that have managed to attract every available bit of dirt/food, as well as hair that has seen better days; leaving both beautiful and clean.

Additionally, I’ve found that it is true to it’s word in that it is soothing, a great way for babies who have had a big day, or just need to be calmed down prior to a sleep.

I’d recommend Johnson and Johnson baby bedtime bath to any Mothers out there who are looking for a soothing, beautiful smelling bath lotion that is gentle on their little one’s skin, and a welcome sensory addition to cuddle time after a bath.

Jana Limburg, NSW

RRP $5.69


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